Where to find us

We are situated about 150 meters from the bridge of Mont-Blanc and around 500 meters from the railway station of Cornavin. Our shop is in front of the English Church at the corner of the Rue du Mont-Blanc and Rue Kléberg.

Access with vehicules and park places:

The nearest parking places are the followings:

  • Mont-Blanc
  • Alpes
  • Gare Cornavin (Geneva train station)

The website of Fondation des parkings will show you all information needed on the adresses, capacities and costs of theses parking places.

Access with publics transports:

You can see by cliking on the map on the left side, all the bus stops of the TPG (Transports Publiques Genevois) near our shop. The official website of the TPG will give you more details regarding bus schedules and the network of the bus routes in Geneva.

The website of CFF (Chemin de Fer Fédéraux) gives you the necessary information on travelling to Geneva by train.